Monday, March 9, 2009

Pervasive Sexual Fantasy Of The Week

All my fantasies tend to come and go in cycles, but some of the cycles are longer than others. I'm firmly in little-girl mode right this second. Who knows who long it'll last? I've basically been fantasizing about this one for the past week or so.

The little girl is young, of course, maybe seven or eight. She shows up at her Master and Mistress's house dressed in a short skirt, a cute little top, flip-flops, and little cotton panties. Master and Mistress let her inside and tie or cuff her hands behind her back. She's led over to her pillow on the floor where she sits while her owners pet and kiss her.

After a little while of receiving attention from the two of them and kissing their feet and sucking on their fingers in return, one of them (probably Master because I'd squish Mistress) lays the little girl across his lap. Master pushes her skirt up over her hips, and Mistress pulls her panties down. Mistress notices that they're already damp, but she doesn't say anything.

Mistress goes to sit in front of the little girl to stroke her face and maybe even give her a kiss or two if she's a really good girl. Master spanks the little girl's upturned ass, not really hard or painfully, just enough to make her squirm in his lap. At the point where she's practically humping his leg, he slides his fingers between her thighs and finds her soaking wet.

He shows Mistress how wet his fingers are, which embarrasses the little girl. Who feels this good from a spanking?

They tell the little girl not to be embarrassed, and Master goes back to teasing her with his fingers. After he coaxes a couple of orgasms out of her, they help her to her feet and lead her back to the bedroom, where they tie her tightly but comfortably, probably spread-eagled, across the bed.

They kiss and pet and snuggle and tease her until she's squirming and whimpering. They make her feel soooo good and gently manipulate and coerce her into doing exactly what they want. A little pain, a whole lot petting and pleasure. They introduce her to all the wonderful things she can feel with others.

Then, they teach her how to service them, first Mistress and then Master. She is an innocent little girl who doesn't really know what to do, so she requires instructions. But she is eager and a quick learner, so she's able to please them.

Finally, after she has pleased both Master and Mistress, they play with her some more to get her ready for what comes next. The little innocent virgin girl gets her tight little girl holes opened up and fucked hard. It doesn't really matter how, with toys, with Master's cock, with Mistress's strap-on, or any combination of those choices. It's just going to hurt very badly to start with.

Then, of course, the little girl cums until she nearly passes out, but that can pretty much go without saying. Her owners untie her and take her to bed. They give her love and attention and tell her what a good little girl she is until she falls asleep.

Sooo...yeah. That's pretty much it. There's lots of room for improvisation in there, and the exact things I fantasize about having done to me vary each time, but the basic foundation remains the same.

I feel like such a pervert for writing that out. ;)

But I'm little at the moment, and I'll probably stay that way for awhile. *Blush*

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