Monday, March 16, 2009

An Idea :)

Soooo...this is for J. Go take a look at my MySpace blog. ;)

Anyway, I feel much better today. I am, however, considering "running away," just so I can be abducted from my apartment later. :D I know, bad slave girl.

I was going to go home today, but it took, oh, practically nothing to convince me to stay until tomorrow. I'm easy. In more ways than one. ;)

I had a random thought last night after I went to bed. In two or three weeks, after I get my credit card bill, next month's rent, and taxes paid (which may take awhile because I STILL haven't gotten that one stupid 1099, though I did email her about it again today), I think I'm going to have a *certain* boy and a *certain* girl come over one Friday afternoon/evening/night/whatever when none of us have anything better to do.

Then, I can take them to eat at the Best. Chinese. Restaurant. Ever. (Ok, maybe not the best ever, but it actually IS on the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the US list in the Asian fusion category. Yum.) Then, maybe a movie, and then, maybe they can meet my friend K. (who apparently refuses to leave J'ville for anything nowadays *growl*). And possibly play! :D Well, assuming K.'s idiot husband isn't being, well, an idiot.

*Giggle* I just realized I'm making plans to take my Master and Mistress on a date. I can't decide if that's cute or weird. :p

We were all too tired to play last night. I definitely want to play tonight! But, God, my whole body aches. Not just my tender places, either. My muscles are sooo sore.

Ok, I have to go work now. This blog gives me way too much procrastination time.

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