Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Ever-Popular Pervasive Sexual Fantasy Of The Week

Yes, yes, the pervasive sexual fantasy of the week, back by not-so-popular demand.

This one actually extends over a period of a couple of days. (What? Me? A whore? Absolutely not!) And, as always, I don't really have any good details to share, just some general fuzzy thoughts.

Ok, day one involves me tied in some suitably strict but not-too-uncomfortable position, so I can stay that way awhile. Blindfolded or hooded and possibly gagged in some way that doesn't make ME gag. No real requests on the torturing part, just building me up long and slow, so I can take lots. And lots of teasing, not letting me cum. (I like whining for it....) And heavy on the verbal humiliation. Really heavy. *Blush*

And then that particular scene ends with a whole lot of pussy torture--clamps, being beaten, really big insertions, etc. Lots of large things inside me to insure that I'm really painfully swollen the next day....

Which brings me to day two.

Little girl gets tied up and played with and tortured, though probably not as hard as the night before. Lots of being talked to like I'm little. Of course, because I'm so swollen from the previous day's fun, it's going to be damned agonizing to put anything inside me.

Which means the finale probably involves J. holding me down and talking to me and possibly hurting me herself while B. fucks me mercilessly. *Blushes more* Yeah, 'cause that would really, REALLY feel like the first time. *Tries to look innocent*

Ok, I'm a perv. But I keep getting these ideas. *Giggles* And tomorrow, I get to go see them, yay! :)

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